Hidden In Plain View

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Hidden In Plain View

Goodin, D. Granville, K. Kharaz, A.

Hidden in Plain View - The Innocent Ones

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Because corporations have all the power This lovely gem is a place for creativity, music, culture and art. This old country house tells a story through its art, you will spot many details as you make your way through. The garden was a very beloved place during the Golden Century.

Back then this was the hotspot for the wealthy citizens of Amsterdam.

Seek and ye shall find!

In Ben Merkelbach — a famous Dutch architect — was invited by the city council to move into Huize Frankendael. Ben was integral to the urban development of Amsterdam.

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While living at Huize Frankendael Ben restored much of this depleted building. After his dead his artistic daughter continued living there till and you can still find the mosaic she created. Relax on the sunny terrace in the beautiful green garden or find yourself at a workshop or exhibition. Every day has something else to offer. Throughout the year you can visit many exhibitions and admire the architecture.

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