How to Make Hot Chai Tea Mixes and Drinks (Recipes Book 3)

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Make sweetened or unsweetened and adjust the spices to your personal taste.

What is chai latte?

Use any milk or non-dairy substitute you like and serve it hot or over ice. Homemade Chai Concentrate. I like mine spicy, with a strong tea flavor and with a subtle sweetness, if any at all. I personally find the packaged chai concentrates from the grocery store and at most coffee shops to really lack that nice spiced flavor I love and many times they are just far too sweet for me.

Chai Tea Mix

Most are loaded with preservatives and other less than desirable ingredients. Why though? Chai is one of my favorite, comforting drinks to cozy up with, especially in the colder months. Package with a cute label FREE download included below for my printable labels you can easily customize or label and enjoy the smiles and praise. Years ago when I first developed this recipe I looked around and tested tons of different chai recipes and ultimately settled on creating this customized recipe based on my own personal favorite chai tastes.

I have made it many times now to get it exactly how I wanted it. When I first started making my own chai, I generally opted for coconut sugar and a little quality raw honey in at the end.

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These days I am not much one for the sweet stuff, so I generally go without any sweetener at all or sometimes I add just a bit of raw honey at the end. Maple syrup would also likely be quite delicious, too. Much like the sweetness, the options to customize are up to you.

The Best Instant Pot Chai Tea Concentrate

Many chai recipes are made without black pepper at all and some with just a tad bit of ground pepper. I personally really love the spiciness from the pepper so I add in whole peppercorns. I also really love the addition of orange zest and nutmeg in my chai. But what I really I love is that there are absolute no rules when making your own chai concentrate. Have fun with it.

You can serve your chai warm as a hot latte or cold as an iced latte. Either way, I go with a 1 to 1 mixture on the chai concentrate to a non-dairy milk. I prefer homemade almond or cashew milk, personally, but you could use regular milk or any other non-dairy milk. If you like your chai a bit less strong, use less tea bags, or mix 1 part concentrate to 3 parts milk instead of 1 or 2.

Play around. If you are like me, after you make this once and take the first sip, you will be sure to always have a batch in the fridge. If your finished, cooled chai is a bit more cloudy, note that nothing is wrong with it and it will taste just fine. This has to do with the natural oils and tannins in the tea higher quality tea also generally has more tannins. This Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate would make a lovely holiday gift in a mason jar with a cute tag, some ribbon or twine, etc. Another great gift idea would be to pre-mix all of the spices and place them with the tea bags into a cute little cheesecloth pouch for an adorable chai concentrate mix packet, so your recipient can make their concentrate whenever they wish, adding or taking away any spices of their choosing.

You would just want to substitute dried ginger for fresh and skip the orange zest. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and place the cheesecloth pouch in. Simmer for 20 minutes, remove the pouch, then stir in 1 tablespoon of honey optional. Allow to cool before pouring it in an air tight container or jar and placing in the fridge to cool.

Keeps up to 7 days. For a latte, hot or cold, mix one part concentrate to one part milk of your choice, warm up or serve over ice.

Homemade Chai Concentrate | Tasty Yummies Natural Health

PS — I am loving the comments about using the concentrate in other things like baked goods or making a syrup from it. Great ideas! Print these 2. I used these brown kraft paper labels. Share your photos on Instagram, tag tastyyummies and include the hashtag tastyyummies. I am going to try this during the holidays!!! I will report back to you when I get some time to make them ….

Thanks so much! Wow those are some amazing ideas… I love it. Thanks for sharing. Just found your blog — love it.. This recipe is fantastic… I love chai and usually make my own chai tea blend, making a syrup concentrate would be awesome for smoothies, adding to baking etc. Thanks so much for your lovely compliments, Lou. Thanks so much for reading! I just started my own blog about being a line cook and everything that interests me.

Check me out if you have a second. Amazing idea! This looks great! Have you tried multiplying the recipe? You could definitely just double everything or play around with different amounts of the spices, there really is no wrong answer. I quadrupled the recipe and it turned out wonderful!

Homemade Chai Concentrate {+ Video}

I have made this recipe about half a dozen times and this was my first time quadrupling it and it is by far my favorite batch! I tripled the recipe and found it worked great. Next time I would only double the ginger and add an extra teaspoon of peppercorns. These are awesome!

How to Make a Chai Latte - Chai Spice Recipe from Scratch

Should significantly extend the 7 day fridge shelf life. Thanks so much Mr. T actually you are the second person to bring this to my attention today, I was unaware of this fact and had no idea how much it upset some people. I have since corrected it. T above is spot on with his comment. Haha, I know right? Who knew such a silly thing could bother people so?

And really?

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Love your blog. Have you tried this blend omitting sweeteners altogether? I prefer mine very subtly sweet, which is how I came to this amount of sweetener. Just made this… my house smells amazing!!!

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  5. So easy and delish!!! The packaged stuff is never spicy enough for me and since I already have all the ingredients it was a cinch. Love the recipe.