Meat Suitcase

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Meat Suitcase

Despite being in place for over a decade now, the no liquids rule continues to stump travellers, and a number of products continue to come up again and again when it comes to the most confiscated items at UK airports. So be sure to pop anything bigger into your hold baggage if you want to take it with you. What about olives?

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As a result, you can also think of most packaged antipasti, capers, anchovies and gherkins in the same category. Do be sure to check for the latest information in advance of travelling at Gov.

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There are a lot more restrictions on what you can bring into the UK when travelling to or from outside of the EU. Other fruit and vegetables have a 2kg limit, as long as you carry them in your baggage, you're not planning on selling them and they're free from signs of pests and diseases. You can also bring in fish products, honey and eggs, with some restrictions within these categories. Any fish you bring on board must be fresh and gutted, cooked, cured, dried or smoked and must not exceed 20kg.

Most long-life, solid and dry produce such as chocolate, spices and coffee are generally ok to bring on board.

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Here is a list of all the products that are exempt from the rules:. For more information and details about bringing food, animals or plants into the UK, visit gov.

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Bringing food in luggage

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