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I won't bore you with my minor victim hood, but my doctor said to me not long ago that not many people have been through the trauma I have experienced. I know we all have our own stories but let's just call me "Mrs. I noticed a change in him, then discovered he had met another woman while traveling and he had fallen in love!

Oh my goodness! We had already booked into doing the Avatar Course a few months later in Australia. We were taking our depressed 16 year old she has written to you as well as our 12 year old.

And one hysterical 46 year old Mother me. I had a few changes through my ReSurfacing.

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I felt like an unbroken horse, next I felt like a wild Rottweiler without a chain. Then I felt like a kid about to be executed. I had my heels firmly planted in the earth and I wasn't budging even though I had a marriage to save! I resisted, I kicked, I screamed, I hurt. And then miracles upon miracles, I began to listen to you. You are clever Harry! I even felt connected to you during the DVD's.

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You started to intrigue me. Slowly the barriers began to break down. Due to the love and care from all the Masters and students, I don't know how, but all of a sudden I became a fluffy miniature horse, a cute puppy and started finding my courage. I clicked Only after all that pure resistance though, I was the only one crying walking in and crying walking out. My kids were mortified to see Mum so helpless. Then the seed started to sprout. Harry, what really set me off was Section III.

The Initiation and the discreate tool was so profound that it was just like giving birth. I felt great! Not resisting! Global Jewish Food. The fall feast is not only celebrated but embraced by many Jews as a tangible symbol of comfort in America. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you.

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Discover More. Celebrate Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving? For many Jews, the Torah's authority does not derive from being a divine document. In Jewish texts, the devil is sometimes an adversary and sometimes an embodiment of evil. Now we experience wonder when an effect is obvious but its cause hidden; in the example noted at the beginning of the Metaphysics [Aristotle, Metaphysics I, 2. However, the cause of some observed effect may be known to one person and yet unknown to another. In this way the same thing may be wondered at by the one and not by the other; e.

This cause is God.

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Thus the works God does surpassing any cause known t use are called miracles. Creation and the justifying of the sinner, while they are acts of God alone, are strictly speaking not miracles, because they are acts not meant to be accomplished by other causes. Thus they do not occur as exceptions to the pattern in nature, since they are not part of that pattern.

A miracle is described as difficult not because of the worth of the matter about which it occurs, but because it surpasses the capabilities of nature. It is termed unusual, not because it may occur repeatedly, but because it is outside the normal pattern. Something is said to surpass the capacities of nature not only on the basis of the kind of thing done, but also of the manner and order of its doing. A miracle is said to be beyond expectation, but of nature, not of grace, i. While the apostles' knowledge as not itself perceivable, it became so in effects that showed it to be miraculous.

One miracle seems no greater than another. Augustine writes, With things done miraculously, the whole significance of what is done is the power of the doer [Epist. XCVII, 2.

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PL 35, ]. Now it is by that power, God's that all miracles are done. Thus one is no greater than the other. Further, the power of God is infinite, and the infinite immeasurably surpasses the finite. Accordingly it is no more to be wondered at that God achieve one effect than he achieves another, and one miracle is no greater than another.

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On the other hand, speaking of his miraculous works, Our Lord says, The works that I do, he also shall do, and greater than these shall he do [ Jn ]. Reply: nothing can be termed a miracle in relation to God's own power, because whatever is done is insignificant compared to that power; Behold the gentiles are as a drop from a bucket, and are counted as the smallest grain of a balance [ Is , ].

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Rather something is termed a miracle by reference to the capability of nature that it surpasses. Therefore the more it exceeds nature's capability, the greater any miracle is said to be. Something may be beyond nature's powers in any of three ways.

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The first is in terms of the kind of thing done, e. Since nature can in no way achieve such things, these have first rank among miracles. In a second way something exceeds the resources of nature not as to what is done, but as to the subject in which it is done; e.