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Frick," she said in her personal idiolect, which could roughly translate to an unnecessarily declaration of her moving her leg. And, yes, she was. Well, she was impressed, anyway, and totally ignoring that her right shoe was soaking wet. She brushed the hair out of her face and very slowly moved towards the three.

Did she just see that one dude fly or is she delirious? It's that 'sucks to be you' expression that really sets Cable on edge. He knows that look, and all the potentials that surround it. No, belay that.

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He doesn't know all the potentials around it. All he truly knows is that things are okay, but how 'not okay' remains to be seen. Cable ducks to the side, moving remarkably quickly for a man of his size. Swinging around the tree in order to put some cover between himself and Domino Yes, she is still the more dangerous one here. So far. Until a new threat assessment is made! Cable can -feel- Nate.


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It's like an all enveloping awareness that is both familiar and so very foreign to him. Tell him. Of course, when met with strange goings on in a park, it is like a magnet! Boom's discomfort is also more -felt- than anything else, and he takes a step towards her. Ever the hero? Perhaps it's to keep the girl from harm?

It's here when the observation is made by Grey that Domino's razor-honed expression breaks into a malicious grin. Batman has his utility belt. Spider-Man has his web slingers.

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Dom has her shootie stabbies. Which is also why she hates the Summer season.

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All of the pieces seem to be lining up perfectly, ready for that simple, nonchalant flick which sends the first piece tumbling into another glorious chain reaction of events. There's just one unforseen problem. That might be upgraded to several unforseen problems if she had any idea who's stumbling out of the boat.

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A slow, subtle breath is released as her attention shifts from the Nates to Tabitha. She doesn't want to miss the show. She set this whole thing up, darnit! This is her moment! This meeting-slash-confrontation is going to happen, one way or another. Dom can run interference on the interference if need be. Hell, she may even offer some running commentary to keep herself amused.

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Now, knowing her own vast and colorful history in the Wonderful World of Hellish Hangovers, she can take a guess as to which of the half dozen items that the Failboat Captain might appreciate at a time like this. She doesn't have coffee, but she does have a flask full of rum. Now, Nate the younger one is not used to Domino's way of So he looks somewhat confused. Headache coming, he can feel it.

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My name is Nate Grey. We are probably related in some bizarre, time-jumping way. I have been hearing about you for almost a year. Oh, and your daughter is in town too, looking for you. Tabitha Smith's eyes light up instantaneously as Domino presents the flask. Nightcrawler has his line-of-sight teleportation, and Spiderman has his spider sense--but Boom-Boom has imminent, line-of-sight rum detection.

Somehow this prospect charges her with the necessary boost of energy that mildly converts her less from the wobbling-zombie locamotion to more of a puppy-spots-a-stick type of movement. She took a moment to look this lady over, still undecided if she was a gangster or a goth. Or both. At least she seemed friendly enough. Moving just a few steps closer, she starts, "Thanks. I did not want to get up this early. I can show you the village. Cable swings out a hand in order to grab Domino. She's not going to get far away from him if he can help it.

He doesn't -say- anything to her, however. It's disconcerting, to say the least. His own shields boast an ability to keep the likes of Phoenix out, but What does it mean? Other than the fact the man looks so much like him? I've been gone," and he glances at Domino, "Back and forth. It's when he's told 'You're daughter is in town It's obvious from his manner, his mien, and the complete lack of understanding that he's got no idea what Now, for a long moment, Cable stares at the younger man before he takes a deep breath and steps forward, "Now, when was she born? As for Boom? Glancing back, he makes a grab for the flask, ready to crush it before the younger could grab it.

Attempts, anyway. Domino, stop that. Cable tries, he really does, but there's that -distraction-, the buzzing in his head that makes it a little difficult to communicate properly. Show me? Dom thought she knew a little something about how this meeting would go. She had as much information as she could manage to scrounge together prior to this moment.

Turns out that something major might have been missed. Could she be blamed, though? It's not like people talk to her about these things. That pale blue stare now latches back onto Cable, transformed into an uncomfortable mix of rage and accusation that would suggest to anyone within the area that things are about to go downright atomic. Is this why you shut me out, Nate?

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Is this the big secret you were trying to protect me from?!