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A furious Shannon kills the assassin in turn and leaves his body at Endean's house during a dinner party held for Colonel Bobi. To transport the team to the coast of Zangaro, Shannon hires a small freighter and crew. At sea, the team is joined by a group of Zangaron exiles trained as soldiers by a former mercenary colleague.

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Once ashore, the mercenaries use their array of weapons to attack the military garrison where Kimba lives. Drew enters a shack in the barracks' courtyard and is killed by a young woman with a baby who shoots him in the back with a pistol.

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After the mercenaries storm the burning, bullet-scarred ruins of the garrison, Shannon blasts his way into Kimba's mansion. There he finds the dictator stuffing bricks of bills into a briefcase and kills him. Endean arrives by helicopter with Colonel Bobi and they enter the presidential residence, where they find Shannon and Dr. Okoye awaiting their overdue arrival.

Shannon introduces Dr. Okoye as Zangaro's new president and silences Endean by shooting Bobi when he protests. Shannon, Derek and Michel load the body of Drew onto a Landrover in line with the toast they drank on planning the operation, "Everyone Comes Home". The scene finishes with the mercenaries driving through the deserted streets of Clarence. United Artists bought rights to the novel in Don Siegel was going to direct but did not like the screenplay.

Abbey Mann wrote a new screenplay. Then Michael Cimino was brought in to buy a screenplay. Norman Jewison became attached as producer-director and Gary Devore rewrote the script.

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Jewison decided to produce, not direct, and John Irwin became director. Later African country scenes were filmed in Belize City , Belize , and the surrounding area. The manually-turned swinging bridge shown during the attack is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The film features several weapons that were prominent in popular culture during the s.

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This was only the second international feature for director John Irvin , who previously worked as documentary maker during the Vietnam War. Cinematographer Jack Cardiff had previously directed an account of mercenaries in Africa entitled Dark of the Sun. Composer Geoffrey Burgon concludes the film with A. Housman 's Epitaph for an Army of Mercenaries sung over the end titles.

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Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, wrote to the wavering chancellor, Lloyd George, arguing: "the naval war will be cheap. In the event, a British Expeditionary Force was dispatched to France, but this initially numbered just 52 infantry battalions, while Germany and France deployed over 1, apiece. The allies pinned many military hopes upon the vaunted Russian steamroller. It never did so, for lack of arms and equipment.

In the winter of , some influential voices in London argued that instead of expanding the army, Britain should do what it had so often done in the past: supply the weapons for others to do the fighting and dying. They cherished the notion of shipping war materiel to Russia through the Dardanelles, if these could be seized from the Turks.

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Though the plan foundered at Gallipoli, when this map was drawn hopes ran high. Uncertainty persisted about whether several neutral European nations — notably Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania — might join in the struggle. Then in the Rome government made a disreputable and reckless bargain with the allies: Italy would fight in exchange for Italian-speaking Hapsburg lands and the Greek-inhabited islands of the Dodecanese. This map does a military injustice to Germany, however, ignoring its conquests. Tsar Nicholas II had always feared that fighting for the Serbs would precipitate disaster for his own regime, and so it proved in The steamroller never rolled.